When you work for a licensed child care program, you are eligible for free college courses to help you earn a credential or degree and increase your wages.

At each learning level, the cost of coursework and books are covered and may include paid release time to complete schoolwork, as well. Participants must work 25 or more hours per week in a licensed child care program to qualify and be employed in child care for six months prior to starting.

Partnering with over a dozen colleges and universities with credit transfers available.


Earning the Child Development Associate credential is a nationally recognized workforce credential and step one of a career in ECE. Complete three courses to qualify as an assistant group supervisor, increase your pay rate, and start classes toward your associate degree for free. CDA Credential includes the creation of an ECE portfolio, credential testing (paid for), and on-site observation. These courses will count toward an AA or BA in child development or early learning.


An associate degree in early childhood qualifies you to be a lead teacher or program director. This is a 60-credit course of study. Complete this degree to increase your wages and qualify for better paying jobs. Credits can be carried over into a BA program.


Complete a 4-year degree in early childhood, earn a PreK-4 teacher certification, and qualify to teach in PreK Counts classrooms or elementary schools. A bachelor’s degree also means higher wages. Apprenticeship offers on-site student teaching with your employer.

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